Travelling with toddlers and children can be daunting, scary and overwhelming and that’s just how we, as parents, feel!

Going on a family holiday is such a luxury and all we ever want is every one to enjoy it.

When we booked our holiday to Bali, I was excited I was nervous and just couldn’t wait to get there.

The thought of a 6 hour plane flight was scary, what if Aidan and Evie freaked out?

What if their ears hurt?

What if they were scared?

How could I help them the best way possible when I was restricted to a small seat?

To be honest I don’t have the answers….at all! But I do feel like we did everything in our power to make it as comfortable and fun for them as possible.

Disclaimer: The flight to Bali was not ideal….at all. It was probably the worst case scenario. Two very over tired kiddos, who couldn’t sleep, who were too tired to play, and wanted everything but nothing all at the same time! In saying that I truly believe there was nothing more we could of done to help them so that was at least something, there was no mum guilt moment….if only I had of grabbed this to bring on the plane, if only I had of thought of that…. we felt as if we had thought of everything, tried all our tricks but nothing except a bed was going to soothe these weary souls!

There was a few things that I bought and a few things that I made that overall made our holiday, easier, more relaxing and more comfortable for Aidan and Evie.

1. Kooshy Kids Goodies.

We purchased a ‘Kooshy Kids Kooshion Kit‘ to convert Aidan’s seat into a bed on the plane. We initially bought a pump to go with it but once we received the Kooshion we realised that they are actually very easy to blow up without a pump!

Once the seatbelt sign was off, we had had dinner and it was time to relax we blew up the Kooshion and placed it at Aidan’s feet. It meant that he was able to stretch out, curl up and have a lot more space.

We flew with Jetstar and did not have a problem with using it!

2. My Busy Bots Bags

These wonderful little bags ended up being perfect for the hotel room. The holiday was so so exciting so to be able to go back to the room and have a pre-prepared activity for the kids to do was amazing. Aidan loves to play games and Evie loves to challenge herself so we got the ‘Beep Beep Choo Choo‘ bag and the ‘Cookie Sparkle‘ bags.

3. DIY Busy Bags

Before I found the Busy Bots bags I got busy making my own. I filmed a IGTV episode with all the details but think craft, gross motor activities, cars, people, colour matching and lots more!

These were a cheap and compact way to engage the kids on the plane and I tried to focus on limited loose parts so nothing could roll away and be misplaced!

I also created a Colouring dot art for our @castle_and_kite dot markers which you can download for free here

4. Kids headphones

Aidan and Evie both love music, the calming effects it has on them is unbelievable. They both have their favourite songs, the ones that bring them down to earth and the ones that make their insides dance. Listening to music in public needs to be discrete so some kids headphones were the way to go!

We got two different types, because I couldn’t decide which would be better. For Aidan we bought the JBL JR300 Kids Headphones. He got to choose the colour, blue or pink, and they will grow with him as he grows.

For Evie we bought the KontraBand headphones from Kooshi Kids. We chose these for her as we thought they would stay on her head better as she is a world class wriggler so felt they would be snugger! These will also grow with her as the band is super stretchy and meant for children aged 2 years – 14 years.

Both of them are wireless so the kids don’t get tangled and have a long play time which is a bonus. Wireless is great BUT they didn’t connect to the inflight entertainment system which was a bit of a bummer.

5. Kids sunglasses.

We bought these at the start of summer when Aidan would complain of the sun being bright.

They are amazing and practically indestructible. They have been bent, stood on and the arms have been stretched as he perfected the art of getting them on properly.

We also have a pair for Lish, buuut she often pulls them off.

The brand is Babiators and I love them!

6. Water Wipes.

I use these all the time at home but bringing them on holidays was amazing. Knowing that I could clean the kids faces and hands with nice clean water at all times was amazing, even when the drink bottle got dropped a quick wipe with a water wipe and I knew it was good to go again.

7. Hiring a pram.

This was a big one, I did take the baby carrier but it was just so hot, I couldn’t think of anything worse than having someone strapped to me!

The kids alternated who used the pram and provided a great little spot to rest while we walked the streets or went out for dinner!

We hired the pram from Bali Baby Hire.

Want to know what hubby thinks?

I asked him what he thought were the best things were that came away with us, his first response was the kids (what a legend!).

Then he said that the Busy Bots Bags (his words were foamy vehicles and tong game thingy) and books were the things that made the biggest difference to the kids!

Having an outlet for the kids to creative and engaged in play was so powerful. It helped calm their over all demeanor and reset them in between holiday activities.

Having three meals a day at a restaurant is a big ask, eating different food, being part of such a busy city all day are all massive asks for kids. These little creature comforts helped them feel at home and us have a calmer more relaxing trip!

Are you going on a holiday soon? What tips and tricks are you going to use with your little one?

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