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Top Tools for DIY

You all know I love to DIY.

I love to make our own resources and get creative with recyclables. There is a few things that I constantly use that help me achieve what I think is a good finish.

A sharp knife

This knife kit is super sharp, has lots of blades and a few different handles to support you cutting through a range of thicknesses.

Having a good sharp knife helps to make those small and intricate cuts. This would be my most used DIY resource!

A cutting mat

This mat is self-healing so if I cut it doesn’t matter and it protects the bench or table underneath.

These are not necessary but I love having mine around so when I slip I don’t damage the furniture!

Paint Pens

These are from eBay.

My only complaint is the purple is the same colour as the pink, which is pink!

They are great for quickly colour coding objects and doing touch-ups


It is amazing what a quick coat of paint can do to something. It can transform a milk carton into a barn, it can transform a cardboard box into a colour sorting game.

The paints I use for DIY are acrylic, that way wet hands or mouths don’t make them run!

Hot Glue Gun

Oh my hot glue gun, it is cheap, it is nasty but oh how I love it!

Need something stuck together, it will rise to the challenge and hold it all.

You can get fancy ones but I just have one from Kmart and it does the trick.


This is a good back up for when hot glue just doesn’t cut it.

It is great for wood and fabric and is extra strong when binding cardboard!

These are the things that I cannot DIY without. Every DIY you see on the blog, on Instagram will have at least one of these in the background!

Speaking of my DIYs here are your all-time favourites:

Counting Jars
Colour Match
Shadow Board
Ribbon Pull
Acrylic Easel
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