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Storage in the play space

The way we store our toys in the playroom has evolved over time. It will continue to evolve to suit our needs but I have definitely learnt along over the journey!

I have previously written a blog about how I store the toys that are not on rotation which you can check out here

Now, the toy room….what do I know about storage there!

Over time, I have had a massive range of storage in our play space. From old storage tubs, to open shelving and everything in between!

Personally, I think open shelves are the way to go but before I get into that I will talk about some other options and the pros and cons I have experienced.

Toy Box



Can shut the lid and hide the mess



All toys are not visible to children

Hard to put things away with all their parts

Reaching the bottom can be challenging.

Cannot group toys together

Cube Shelves


Come in a range of sizes

All the toys are visible

Can categorise toys


Restricted by the size of the cubes

Only accessible from the front (design dependent)

Open Shelving


All toys are visible

Toys can be categorised

Fewer space restrictions for large items

Can be used as a room divider

Access from both sides

Easy to create homes for toys/activities


Sorry I haven’t found any!

These lists are purely based on my experiences and the struggles we have had using a range of storage solutions!

The open shelving has provided us with the most flexible space and I honestly cannot think of any cons, except I want more (insert laughing emoji)

Making your toy storage work for you, your family and your space will transform the way you see and engage in play.

Want to know about how I set up my play space, check out my blog post ‘4 steps to setting up your play space’

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