PLAY TRIBE PLAY,Play Space,Storage Playroom Tour: The Guts!

Playroom Tour: The Guts!

Underneath all the toys, all the DIYs, all the puzzles there is the guts of a playroom and space.

For us, these things are so important in making our space work the best way it can.

From storage, to mats and everything in between!

This is our activity table, we usually use it for arts and crafts but is also used for activities and snacks!

– Table: I got this from Facebook Marketplace

– Table rails & tubs: SUNNERSTA Rail & SUNNERSTA Containers

– Mat is a foam mat from Splash of Salt

– The plant is a fiddle leaf fig

– Grey rocking chair from Adairs

Next to our activity table we have our art trolley and ‘working trays’. The trays are our little portable working stations!

– Art trolley is a 3 tier kitchen trolley from Kmart.

– Handy hubby made the labels.

– Trays are bed trays from IKEA.

This is our sensory station!

– The table is from IKEA and is a FLISAT table with 2 TROFAST tubs in it

– Under the table I put an Aqua Pouch, it is water proof mat that helps us clean up any spills at the end of the day!

The easel and these open shelves work as a room divider.

– Easel is a TIKK TOKK 5-in-1

– The open shelves are from Educating kids.

Our gross motor zone!

– Our soft foam mat, we use this for jumping, craft and building. It is from Grace and Maggie.

– Handy hubby made the Pikler Triangle.

Our Grace and Maggie playmat is double sided and is often dragged to where ever we are doing messy play! We love it.

When the Pikler is not there we have this table out. We use it for messy play and small world set ups. It is the Kmart Train Table.

Our reading and quiet space.

– An old cot mattress with a fitted sheet over it.

– Pillows and blankets from Kmart

– Book stand is the IKEA FLISAT book display.

– Our ‘canopy’ is a textured curtain on a piece of dowel and tied to the window!

Self help corner! A corner that has all the bits and bobs the kids need to care for the space.

– The 3 tier stand is from the op shop but there is a similar one at Kmart

– Dust pan is from the Target Australia cleaning set

– There is a spray bottle and cleaning clothes on the bottom shelf. The spray is just water with a splash of vinegar.

Annnnnd more storage!

– These cube shelves were rescued from the tip, given a paint job and brought into the play space. Here is a similar one.

– The mirrors acrylic mirrors from IKEA and are stuck on using 3M tabs that they came with!

Wall decor.

– The wall decals are pebble dots from VIVID wall decal
– Our posters are from Squared Charts

It has taken us three years to get here, to perfect and find the pieces that work best for our family!

Our new place space will continue to evolve and grow with our family but for now these are the bones of it!

There are a few discounts codes to these brands over in the ‘free resources‘ section so make sure you check that out!

The main area I would like to work on is our quiet space, the matress is great, the canopy is ok but I really need a larger storage option!

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