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Our 4 most used toys!

Where do I start? What does my child really need? How do I get value for money?

These are all questions I get asked daily and I have asked myself over and over again! The answer is, you don’t need it all. You don’t need the best, the newest, the latest and greatest.

What do we use the most?

  • Blocks
  • Animal Figures
  • Vehicles
  • Books

How can I afford all these?

My first suggestion is to get an idea of what you want, style, quantities, and budget. My next stop is Facebook marketplace or other second-hand sites. Then I go to op shops. Don’t rush. Stick to a budget. Don’t lower your expectations, even if it takes 3 years, you will get there.


We have the large stepped pyramid. It is expensive. I love it BUT it took 3 years for us to get it! There are lots of cheaper alternatives and DIYs. Caris, from @little_smiths_play made her own large stepped pyramid with timber from Bunnings.

I have also seen the large Jenga set used as building blocks, how brilliant!

DIY Building blocks


Looking at some of the fancy wooden animal figures can be really scary. I think my credit card practically grows legs and runs when I scroll through some of them! For lots of people, including us, spending upwards of $30 on 1 animal is not an option.  Most of our animals are the Animal Kingdom range from Target Australia. $14 for a set of animals. We bought them over time and slowly built a collection of farm and African animals.

Animal Kingdom Figurines. Great for small world and imaginative play with babies, toddlers, children and beyond.

We also have a lot of Wild republic Tubes from Wild Dough Co. The animals are smaller than the Target ones but for $15 you get over 10 animals! These are great for small world small and sensory adventures


My best advice for this is op shops. It doesn’t have to be fancy it just has to have wheels!


These are probably the most affordable resources you can get. Use your local library. You can borrow books for free!

Take your kids with you, let them choose some books, read books while you are there and take them home. In a few weeks return them and get some new ones! We generally only buy books that become favorites but trying before we buy has saved us a lot of money.

My Final Secret

Local Toy Library.

Yes, they exist. Actual places that loan toys!

Most in Australia are non-profit organizations that just want to promote the importance and value of play.  I cannot speak highly enough of mine and the community of people that are involved in it.

If you are unsure if there is one near you, head to Toy Libraries Australia website and run a search!

Don’t have time to go to the Toy library, well check out Wunderkinds Toy Share. A toy library who delivers straight to your door!

Although these are our most valued toys a lot of the time we are playing with recyclables and DIY toys! Head over to zaras_play_tribe on Instagram for more cheap and practical play ideas!

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