Simple Fine Motor Skill Ideas

PLAY TRIBE Simple Fine Motor Skill Ideas

FREE Simple fine motor skill eBook. Great for babies, toddlers and beyond. The perfect, cheap and simple way to set up intentional play in your home.

Ever hear ‘fine motor skills’ over and over again and think HOW! WHAT!

Well this is the books for you!

12 ideas, that can be used in so many different ways, ready to help your little one further develop their fine motor skills

This eBook was developed to help you incorporate fine motor activities into your every day.

By using things you already have in your home, and your little ones enjoy you can present these simple activities.

A great page from the Free Simple Fine Motor Skills eBook. Threading is wonderful for hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and so much more.
A great page from the Free Simple Fine Motor Skills eBook. Sticky walls are wonderful for hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, bilateral coordination and more.

For each activity, I give three examples that we have tried lately.

As well as a quick explanation of the areas it most likely covers.

This book is a quick visual guide to inspire you to play with purpose!


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What I like about this book is that the ideas are simple, they’re not all messy, which makes the majority easily applicable for me (I’m looking at you playdough 😊). My son loooves messes, so finding activities that are fuss free, easy to clean, engaging, and work those little hands and brain is a win. I love that it’s in a really accessible format too, and that each activity has a guide to what they’re actually working on. And no, it’s not just color matching; it’s hand-eye coordination or crossing the middle line or something else that we don’t even stop to think of. It’s great that someone else did that because as a working mom I don’t have the time to create exciting activities like these. I needed this book. Thank you Zara for it!!!