DIY Screw & Nut Board

PLAY TRIBE DIY Screw & Nut Board

What you will need

How to:

Cut your pine board into 300mm pieces. 

You will need two 300mm x 140mm pieces to make 1 screw board.

DIY Nut & Screw Board

On 1 board, measure and mark where the 5 screws will go, ensuring they are evenly spaced.

Drill holes through the marked points.

Make the smallest hole at one end of the board, increasing the hole size as you go along.

Use drill bit 1 size bigger than the corresponding screw. 

Push the screws through the holes. and secure by fastening the nut on the top side.

Fill screw holes with epoxy adhesive

DIY Nut & Screw Board

Cover the back of the board in epoxy adhesive

DIY Nut & Screw Board

place blank board on top, as shown, to hide the bolt holes.

DIY Nut & Screw Board

Secure with clamps while the adhesive dries

DIY Nut & Screw Board

Once the glue has dried as per packet instructions your little ones can begin exploring.

Can they match the different sized nuts to the bolts?

What happens when the bolts are to big or to small?


*please note, bolts pose a choking hazard parent supervision is required at all times*