DIY Acrylic Easel

PLAY TRIBE DIY Acrylic Easel

What you will need:

  • 3mm clear acrylic 300mm x 400mm

You can get acrylic from Acrylics Online.

How to build the timber frame:

Using PVA, Glue the two pieces of 30mm timber to the 64mm piece.

Make sure the 30mm pieces are right at the edges of the 60mm.

Clamp, or rest heavy books, on top of the pieces while they dry.

Cut the joined timber into 4 pieces, each measuring 210mm

Glue the pieces together, using PVA, as shown in the picture and let dry.

Once the PVA, has dried you can slip your perspex/acrylic piece and out as you please!

DIY acrylic perspex easel. Perfect for your little artist you loves to paint but you don't like to clean up. Easy to make, easy to clean, mess free painting solution

Extra Tips:

We fix the base of the easel to the table using blue tac and it works perfectly! When we did drill painting we added some base plates to the easel because we were pushing very hard, these are totally optional but are a great addition!