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Christmas 2020!

If anything, this year has shown that we don’t need more ‘stuff’ we just need each other. The saying, my presence is your present, has never been truer!

BUT, in our house, Santa Claus is a big part of Christmas. My mum believes, I believe and the kids believe. Why? Well because its magical and it’s wonderful….who doesn’t need a little sprinkle of magic in their lives!

In saying that we don’t want more ‘stuff’, also keeping in mind that ‘experiences’ are limited (thanks COVID19), here is a list of the things we have purchased for Aidan, Evie and our nieces and nephews!

This blog post contains affiliate links.

Aidan – 4 years old

Something to read

Something to wear

Something you need

Evie – 3 years old

Something to read

Interactive Book $22

Something to wear

Something you need

Something you want

Niece – 4 years old

Something to read

Nephew – 3 years old

Something to read

Something you want

Niece – 1 year old


This is a collection of items that I have gifted the kids throughout the year or are stashed away for Evie’s upcoming birthday!

Bookieboo – $10
Book curation service! I did this for both Aidan and Evie and love, love, loved it! You fill out a survey about your little ones interests and Karly recommends AMAZING books!

Wild Dough Co

Playdough and plastic mini-figures

Connetix – $95

40 piece expansion pack

Connetix – $159

100 piece set

Chameleon Reader – $200

Magic reading pen, if you watch my Instagram stories you will know alllll about this!

Doll House – $250

Doll Family Mansion Wooden Doll House


These are little bits and bobs I have come across which I just love. So needed to share! We have not had the joy of playing with any of these exact products.

Balloon Helicopter – $2.50

Blow up the balloon, then toss this ‘copter up and watch it soar!

Fizz Rocket – $9.95

A classic bicarb and vinegar powered rocket that shoots high into the air!

Water Rocket – $27.95

Launch a precision water rocket over 30 metres!

Bonus Question

My child is born a week before Christmas what do I do?

I am right there with you. In December, not only do we have Christmas but we have 4 family birthdays! One of them being Evie who was born on the 16th of December.

We always keep Birthdays and Christmas separate. We ensure birthday wrapping for birthday presents and Christmas wrapping for Christmas presents – ask any December baby, this is VERY important!

This year, my family celebrated Evie’s half birthday which is the 16th of June. She was gifted the HAPE doll house, which I mentioned above. It was a great way to give her a toy-top-up mid-year.

These are Evie’s birthday presents from us this year…

My 3 year old Nephew is also born a week before Christmas. He and Evie were almost birthday buddies! This is what I got him….

Something you want…

Something to read…

To help find these ideas and create balanced presents I focused on 4 things for the kids…

– Something to read

– Something to wear

– Something they need

– Something they want

And, for my nieces and nephews I focused on 2 things…

– Something to read

– Something they want

The one thing I am wishing for this Christmas is a room filled with my beautiful family, a room full of laughter, love, tears and moments that will transform into memories.

Yes, I am getting emotional now so I will leave it there!

If you have any questions pop them below, or send me a DM me on Instagram

Merry Christmas Everyone xxxx

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