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Chocolate Free Easter

This is us. This is how we celebrate Easter. Our celebrations focus on the long weekend, the joy of life and family.

It is not traditional but it is our tradition. 

We love it, the kids love it and it so works for us! That’s what is important right? That family celebrations work for that family? 

Our Easter celebrations started as chocolate free because the kids did not eat refined sugar until they were 3, even when they started it was under very special circumstances. 

So our Easter traditions? Let’s get stuck into it!

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In the lead up to Easter we talk about what it is. For us, Easter is a time to go on Holidays, spend time with family and we get a 4 day weekend with Daddy!

We talk about the Easter Bunny coming, and on Easter Sunday he leaves us surprises. We talk about eggs, how they symbolise life and the things in our lives that make us feel happy.
This discussion is always paired with books, I don’t have any specific ones instead I just browse in the seasonal section every year and choose the ones that work with our traditions. 


This is the first year we will be using boxes, but it is going to make the celebrations all that more special. We have always done the ‘things’ but with the boxes to hold it all together.

Our Boxes are from Chain Valley Gifts. 

On Good Friday morning, Aidan & Evie will find an Easter box waiting for them downstairs. It will include some special gifts, including an Easter countdown, some books and a special plate to leave a snack for the Easter Bunny. 

These boxes will symbolise the beginning of Easter.

On Saturday night, they will put their boxes somewhere special for the Easter Bunny to fill with goodies (similar to a Christmas stocking). 

On Easter Sunday, Aidan and Evie will wake up to their boxes filled with….

  • A fancy set of Winter PJS
  • A special book (not Easter related)
  • A craft activity – This year it will be Wild Dough
  • Bath bombs – From Oh Gee Fizz

We then do the much anticipated Easter Egg hunt, yes we still do a hunt!


The hunt is like all other hunts, except there is no chocolate!

There is still eggs, it is still age-appropriate-challenging and it is still lots of fun!

Here are a few rules we have:

  • Ready, set, go!
  • All eggs found are put in a communal basket
  • At the end of the hunt they are shared evenly between the participants! 

Our hunt is a team effort, everyone has the same goal… to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny left behind.

But, if there is no chocolate what are the eggs?

They are plastic eggs that pop open, you can get from the dollar store!

But what is in them? I hear you ask!

Every year it changes, as Aidan and Evie change so does the surprises inside the eggs. One year they were full of blueberries, the next year they were full of stickers and this year each egg will have a LEGO mini figure inside.

Once the unopened eggs are shared evenly between participants we bust them open and celebrate what is inside. 


We have breakfast! Yes, there is still special food involved in our celebration. Our special food is dippy eggs!

You know those eggs that are almost boiled but still gooey and you can dip  strips of bread in them? Yup, those delicious healthy gems!

We have them every Easter, in our special Easter egg cups. Including an egg cup I was gifted as a child!

After that the day is full of family time, going to the park, seeing extended family or heading to the local markets!

2 year old enjoying dipping eggs on Easter Morning

Our approach to Easter is very meaningful to us. The new set of PJs, the dippy eggs, it is special already and the kids know what to expect. I would love to hear about your Easter traditions, so leave a comment below so we can all learn from each other!

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