Author: Zara

Sedentary Play is not for us.

Sedentary play is not for us. Sedentary play is when the person is using very little energy to play. Examples are; sitting down to watch television, sitting down to read a book or travelling in a car. My kids like to move, they like to groove, they like to be active! The most powerful thing […]

Chocolate Free Easter

This is us. This is how we celebrate Easter. Our celebrations focus on the long weekend, the joy of life and family. It is not traditional but it is our tradition.  We love it, the kids love it and it so works for us! That’s what is important right? That family celebrations work for that […]

Christmas 2020!

If anything, this year has shown that we don’t need more ‘stuff’ we just need each other. The saying, my presence is your present, has never been truer! BUT, in our house, Santa Claus is a big part of Christmas. My mum believes, I believe and the kids believe. Why? Well because its magical and […]

Trampoline Fun!

Where do I even start!? From jumping by yourself, to double bouncing your friend and so much more! Our trampoline has always been such an important part of our outdoor play! With two pre-school aged children, Melbourne COVID lockdown, endless energy and the need for fresh air our trampoline was getting an absolute workout. We […]

Colour Wheel

This is simple. This is easy. This can be done almost anywhere! I made this colour wheel to take away with us on our Summer adventures, a way to stimulate play and games in any environment! We have familiarised ourselves with this little piece of joy at home and here are a few things we […]

Top Tools for DIY

You all know I love to DIY. I love to make our own resources and get creative with recyclables. There is a few things that I constantly use that help me achieve what I think is a good finish. This knife kit is super sharp, has lots of blades and a few different handles to […]

Hammer Games for your active toddler

Do you have an active toddler? Is your little one full of beans and bubbly energy? I know Aidan sure is, always has been and always will be! Over the 3 and 1/2 years of being his mum I have learnt to harvest that energy and point into towards something productive. Hammer games are a […]

Christmas Activity Guide

Christmas Day is in less than 7 weeks! It is a busy busy time of year, with work wrapping up the year, school finishing, family gatherings, birthdays (thanks December babies) and Christmas events. Not to even mention the shopping, holiday preparations and everything else we seem to busy ourselves with!  To help prepare the family […]

Our 4 most used toys!

Where do I start? What does my child really need? How do I get value for money? These are all questions I get asked daily and I have asked myself over and over again! The answer is, you don’t need it all. You don’t need the best, the newest, the latest and greatest. Blocks Animal […]

Outdoor Sensory Play

As the Melbourne weather warms up we are spending more and more time outdoors. Ever heard the outdoors referred to as nature’s playground? Well, that is exactly what it is. Endless opportunities for play right out your back door! Although our backyard already offers many sensory experiences in our grass, trees, flowers, textures, smells and […]