DIY Cardboard puzzle to help with name recognition

1 x cardboard puzzle⁠
3 x ways to play (and so many more possibilities)⁠

– Using it as a puzzle held Evie’s attention for roughly 5 minutes⁠
–  Matching letter rocks into the puzzle held her attention for roughly 10 minutes⁠
–  Pouring rice into the letters held her attention for…. I lost count! Let’s say 20 minutes +⁠

These simple puzzle boards have so many possibilities and I kept switching it up until I found what truly captured her attention….engaged child = learning! ⁠

To make the puzzle board….⁠
✍️ Write your child name on a piece of cardboard⁠
🔪 Using a knife cut out the letters⁠
🔫 Using hot glue (or PVA) stick the piece of cardboard to another piece.