Mr 4!
Aidan is a fast paced, high energy, running, jumping machine! The outdoors is where he feels more comfortable, and the less clothes the better! He loves vehicles, building and craft but sensory play is his favourite.
When he laughs he does it with his whole soul and it is utterly contagious. He is a self proclaimed cheeky monkey who constantly brings happy tears to my eyes and smiles to my face.

Mumma / Zara

Heya! I often say I am not a very good adult, it is not because I am not good at it I just don't think I ever truly grew up! My birthday/Christmas presents consistent of LEGO and picture story books.
I love dinosaurs and my perfect Saturday night would be sitting at the dining table building my latest LEGO creation.
A secret stash that I am yet to reveal to my tribe is my collection of 13,000 mega blocks! I was bought up playing, and it is just who I am now. Check out this photo of typical mum life, the day after I shaved my head to raise money for prostate cancer.

Evie / Lishy

Little Miss 3
Evie has two names, not officially but amongst family and friends. She often gets called Lish because she is just so de-LISH-ious. A silly nickname that has just stuck! She is forever smiling, forever telling stories and forever climbing!
She loves posting activities, painting, drawing and jumping. Lishy is drawn towards animals and nature, she has such a soft kind heart and is an absolute joy to watch grow and develop.

- US -

I started my play Instagram account (@zaras_play_tribe) in September 2018 as a way to communicate our day of play with hubby.

Before long it became a place where I could chat to like minded familes, be inspired by others, and share our play journey with more than just family. 

So a little bit more about me…

After leaving high school, I went straight to Uni and studied a Bachelor of Education (primary). Once I graduated I started teaching grade 2 at a local primary school. It was honestly the most amazing gift, to be given my dream job right from the beginning.

I taught for 6 years before going on Maternity leave to have Aidan. Teaching was never work for me, it was and still is a passion. I lived for the light-bulb moments my students would have, that moment where everything just clicks and they understand. That moment in time when you can see they have officially learnt something and grasped the idea, to me it was an utter privilege to facilitate and witness.

Now that I am on Maternity Leave, Aidan and Evie are at the forefront of my teacher brain. Being able to combine my role as a mum with my love for teaching and learning has been amazing. 

I know you are all still thinking about my LEGO and Mega block collection so here are a few photos, oh and one of me as a blue crayon because why not!